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PoliticsPoll Rates Tinubu's Policies High

Poll Rates Tinubu’s Policies High


A data and intelligence company providing subscription-based data and insight to global businesses and professionals, Stears has conducted a poll to understand public sentiment in the wake of a storm of policy reforms implemented by the current administration.

In the poll, the intelligence company has rated president Bola Ahmed
Tinubu’s policy approval rating better than former president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The newly introduced Stears Approval Rating (SAR) revealed that despite multiple policy changes, Tinubu’s policies have received twice as many approvals from respondents compared to those of the previous administration.

The inaugural Stears Approval Rating sampled 519 respondents across Lagos’ 20 local government areas.

The SAR is built from responses to 25 questions about socioeconomic policies, living conditions, institutional trust and voter status. Interviews were conducted in English, Pidgin English, and Yoruba, and lasted an average of 10 minutes.

“After Stears’ proprietary estimation model correctly predicted the outcome of the 2023 presidential elections, we wanted to continue to build on the application of data in governance and beyond. Particularly, we’re excited about how the SAR captures subtle fluctuations in consumer sentiment,” explains Tokunbo Afikuyomi, Economist at Stears.

Senior Governance Analyst, Joachim MacEbong, expressed the importance of paying attention to the survey results. He stated, “The Stears survey offers a valuable glimpse into the concerns of Nigerians, and it is clear that urgent action is needed to ease the cost burdens on citizens. Our poll showed that 42% of Lagosians are pessimistic while 32% said they were optimistic about the country’s direction.”


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