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EntertainmentHusayn Zaguru Releases 'Heal Naija' Michael Jackson Cover 

Husayn Zaguru Releases ‘Heal Naija’ Michael Jackson Cover 

For many who don’t know Husayn Zaguru, he’s one of the most sort after musician and movie maker and poet. His works have been adjudged to be exquisite and very inspiring.
According to him he said music and entertainment have been a didactic and instrumental tool in fashioning the way people think, most importantly in shaping and molding patriotic nuances amongst its people.
Hence, he decided to do something that would inspire and touch the hearts of Nigerians and those who support or indulge in violence.
He decided to do this song,  “Heal Naija” (Michael Jackson Cover- Heal the World). This version of the iconic Michael Jackson song is with an Afro beat twist.
“This is more contemporary, urban and edgy with a strong sense of the NIGERIAN SPIRIT in us, resonating with our common denominators,”. He explained.
He noted that the song addresses issues aching and proffers didactic solutions, ranging from ethnocentric and religious conflicts, implosive bigotry, violent extremism and climate change issues. “A Didactic Artist’s duty is to spread the message of HOPE, LOVE and UNITY against all odds and in all ramifications
“It is in my sincere and earnest intentions, that this song, “Heal Naija” will contribute in addressing some of our national fault lines, especially as the 2023 General Election and campaigns are ongoing.
“Through this song, we intend to consistently raise awareness, positive attitudes, values and behaviours; accurately and adequately inform; and sufficiently mobilise citizens to act in ways that promote peace and harmony,” he concluded.
The song has garnered lots of views and various musical platforms and it’s gaining race reviews.


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