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PoliticsForum Canvases Support For George Ali As Benue PDP Chairman

Forum Canvases Support For George Ali As Benue PDP Chairman

Forum under the aegis of former Chairmen of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Benue state, consisting of various local government councils in Benue State has expressed their unwavering support for Hon. George Alli, who is one of their members to become the next Benue State Chairman of the esteemed party, PDP.

The group noted that Rt. Hon. George Alli’s tenure as chairman of Otukpo Local Government stands as a testament to his exceptional leadership and dedication to the welfare of the people. Under his stewardship, numerous development projects were initiated and successfully completed, improving the lives of countless citizens across the region.

The Former PDP Council Chairmen stated that, they had the privilege of working closely with Hon. George Alli and witnessed his unparalleled leadership qualities. His track record of achievement, coupled with his visionary approach to governance, makes him the ideal candidate to lead our party in Benue State.

The Former Algon Chairman Rt. Hon. Anthony Shawon who is the leader of the group declared that, Hon. Alli has demonstrated a clear vision for the future of the PDP in Benue State and his inclusive leadership style, coupled with his commitment to grassroots mobilization and empowerment, resonates with the aspirations of party members and the electorate alike. Under his leadership, we envision a party that prioritizes the needs of the people and works tirelessly towards their fulfillment.

The statement reads in parts;

“In these challenging times, unity within the PDP is paramount. Hon. George Alli has proven himself as a unifying force, capable of bridging divides and rallying support from all quarters of the party. His leadership will ensure cohesion and solidarity among party members, essential for success in future elections. With Hon. Alli at the helm, we are confident that internal discord will be replaced by a shared sense of purpose and determination.

“We express our unwavering trust and confidence in Hon. George Alli’s ability to lead the PDP to victory in Benue State. His integrity, humility, and unwavering commitment to the party’s ideals make him the embodiment of true leadership and representation. As former Council Chairmen, we have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of his leadership on our communities, and we wholeheartedly believe that he will replicate this success on a larger scale as the State Chairman.

“We call upon all party members to throw their full support behind Hon. George Alli’s candidacy. Together, we can work towards a brighter future for the PDP in Benue State under his capable leadership. It is only through collective effort and unity of purpose that we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead and emerge victorious in the state congresses and beyond.

“As former PDP Council Chairmen, we pledge our solidarity and assistance to Hon. George Alli’s campaign. We stand ready to mobilize resources and networks to ensure his success in the forthcoming state congresses. Our experience and knowledge of the local political landscape will be invaluable assets in this endeavor, and we are committed to leveraging them to the fullest extent for the benefit of the party.

“At this critical juncture in our party’s history, effective leadership is paramount. Hon. George Alli possesses the qualities needed to navigate the challenges ahead and steer the PDP towards victory in Benue State. His proven track record of achievement and his ability to inspire and motivate others make him the ideal candidate to lead us into the future with confidence and optimism.

“Grassroots support is the bedrock of our party’s strength. Hon. George Alli’s deep-rooted connections and rapport with the grassroots make him the candidate best positioned to mobilize support at the grassroots level. By engaging directly with the people and addressing their concerns and aspirations, he will ensure that the PDP remains firmly rooted in the communities it serves, thereby strengthening our electoral prospects and advancing our collective agenda.”

The group extend their heartfelt gratitude to Hon. George Alli for his unwavering dedication to the PDP and the people of Benue State noting that, with his leadership, they are confident that the PDP will emerge stronger and more united than ever before. They encourage all PDP faithfuls to rally behind him with enthusiasm and determination, knowing that together, we can achieve greatness and usher in a new era of progress and prosperity for Benue State and its citizens.


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