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PoliticsBenue APC Chairmanship: Ponzi Nature Of Omakolo's Ngo

Benue APC Chairmanship: Ponzi Nature Of Omakolo’s Ngo

Subscribers Should Beware of Imminent Crash.

By Morgan Adikwu, Makurdi.

The Benjamin Omakolo’s self-proclaimed acting Benue State APC Chairman, has raised dusts, not  only the question of his legitimacy but also the integrity of the faction he promotes.

Amidst the backdrop of a court ruling that clearly recognizes Comrade Austin Agada as the legitimate Chairman, Omakolo’s activities appear increasingly dubious, akin to a Ponzi scheme that threatens to defraud unsuspecting participants.

Benjamin Omakolo’s claim to the APC Benue State Chairmanship stands on shaky ground. The Benue State High Court has ruled in favor of Comrade Austin Agada, a decision that has been reinforced by correspondence from the APC National Headquarters in Abuja.

Despite this, Omakolo persists in his self-appointed role, operating in direct defiance of the court’s mandate. This defiance has not gone unnoticed, as a recent notice from the Benue State High Court warned Omakolo of potential contempt of court charges should he continue to act as Chairman.

In this context, Omakolo’s NGO, which ostensibly operates to facilitate political participation in the forthcoming local government elections, bears striking similarities to notorious Ponzi schemes like MMM.

The comparison to a Ponzi scheme is not merely hyperbolic. Ponzi schemes lure investors with the promise of high returns with little to no risk. Similarly, Omakolo’s NGO entices political aspirants with promises of candidacies and political support, underpinned by Omakolo’s false claim to the APC leadership.

However, as the legal challenges mount and the reality of his position becomes undeniable, the foundation of this NGO is likely to crumble, much like the infamous Ponzi schemes of the past.

The political landscape in Benue State further complicates matters. Governor Alia’s involvement with the APC has been fraught with controversy, and his strategies for the upcoming elections remain unclear.

Speculation suggests that he might leverage the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to further his political ambitions. Alternatively, he might employ the Caretaker Committee strategy, postponing elections indefinitely to maintain control over local governance. This uncertainty only adds to the precariousness of Omakolo’s position and the NGO he fronts.

In light of the above and the legal scrutiny facing Omakolo, members of the APC and the general public should exercise extreme caution, as engaging with Omakolo’s NGO could lead to significant financial and political losses, reminiscent of the devastating impacts of the MMM collapse.

The court’s stance and the national APC headquarters’ correspondence make it clear that Omakolo’s claim is baseless and that his operations are on the brink of legal and structural disintegration.

Subscribers to Omakolo’s NGO should heed these warnings. The imminent legal and political fallout is likely to render any investments or commitments to this organization worthless.

…Morgan Adikwu,a political analyst from makurdi, writes.


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