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Entertainment*AY Rallies African In Diaspora With His "AY Legendary Tour"*

*AY Rallies African In Diaspora With His “AY Legendary Tour”*

Legendary entertainer, Ayo Makun popularly known as AY has concluded his tour in the United States and Canada with many take-away from the adventure.

Chief among which is the export of Nigerian culture to be global stage as well as creating a platform for Africans in Diaspora to come together to network, socialise, as well as promotion of cultural cross-fertilisation.

Multi-talented, creative and vast, AY who has been in the industry for nearly two decades is one of the names that ring bell in African entertainment landscape.

He has remained consistent while maintain his mien of humility in plying his trade across the continent and beyond.

AY Legendary Tour, formally titled AY Live In Concert, was postponed last year due to unforeseen circumstances, yet he was still determined to use it as a platform to unite Africans in US, Canada and elsewhere.

Thanks to one of the leading entertainment outfit in the country, Supermega LLC, owned by business mogul and show promoter, Olayinka Oni Paul, which partnered Corporate World Entertainment and Depremium Entertainment to make this tour a reality.

While in both countries between July 3rd—30th, he along with his team touched Maryland, Atlanta and Houston. It did not end there, the legend and multi-talented entertainer further moved to Canada where he thrilled fun-seekers in Saskatoon, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary and Toronto.

It is also instructive that the promoters of “AY Legendary Tour” picked AY among so many others for this epic tour on the account of his growing followership beyond Nigerians in New York City, his fans cut across Hispanics, Jamaicans and Africans in general so it’s a no-brainer he was chosen to kick off the tour, which the promoters say is one of the many to come.

It is also interesting to note that with this comedy exploit, Nigerians in those countries felt at home and once again felt the warmth embrace of brotherhood which they are known for back home in their country.

Beyond this tour, he wields array of goodwill in the country with his AY Show Live, which is one of the biggest comedy shows in Nigeria.

This is truly a product of hard work and commitment. He had his eye at the top and his resilience, mixed with good fortunes brought him there.

Despite his size in the industry, he has largely remained an epitome of humility and embodiment of hard work and makes good use of every opportunity to create a platform for people to enjoy relaxation from the stress of this life.

He started from a humble background and has surmounted obstacles to rise to the top. Some persons attribute his wide acceptance in the industry and beyond to his ability to groom young talents and carry those who look up to him along.

No scandal has been linked to him as his clean bill of health remains an enviable example to others. Nigerians are proud of his feat, Africans hail him, the world celebrates him.

As I bring this piece to a close, it is pertinent to commiserate with him on the recent unfortunate incident which befell him. His Lagos mansion had razed to the dust.

Despite the humongous losses incurred from this very incident, he has remained unfazed and largely unperturbed. To the glory of God as he has spoken, no life was lost. He has equally expressed readiness to move on, with his hope solidly anchored on divinity, the source that replenishes.

We pray God to see him through at these trying times and restore him bigger and better.



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